Hi! How do you do question 2 on page 100 from the functions section? I reviewed the solution in the back of the book but still don’t understand.

If the solution in the back isn’t helping, let’s try plugging in real numbers here. Let’s say x=2. If that’s the case, then the function says f(2-1)=2+1, or f(1)=3. What about if x=3? Well, that will simplify to f(2)=4. If you keep going, you’ll get f(3)=5, f(4)=6, f(5)=7, and so on.

So what’s the simple f function doing? It’s just taking its input and adding 2. Right? Once we know that, we can just say that f(x)=x+2.

From there, what happens if we do f(x+1)?


Does that help?

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