On pg. 96 question 9 I’m confused with how you came up with the answer 2, I got the answer 4. How did you come up with 2 I don’t understand?

That question refers to the graph below and says:

So, take it one step at a time. First, if f(2)=d, what’s d? When x=2, the graph is at y=1, so f(2)=1, therefore d=1.

From there, we need to find 2f(2d). Well, we know d=1, so the 2d in the function argument just becomes 2, like so: 2f(2d)=2f(2\times 1)=2f(2).

We already figured out above that f(2)=1, so to find 2f(2) we just multiply!

2f(2)=2\times 1=2

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