Hi, I have another question

600+105x ≤ 750+80x

what is x?

the answer key says it x≤ 6; however, they didn’t change the sign when dividing both sides.

the answer I got was x≥6

(I also wanted to mention that I asked two questions and they are both from the deleted practice test 4. Do you know why practice tests 2 and 4 are deleted? Would it be because there are mistakes?)

The algebra here is:

600+105x\leq 750+80x\\105x\leq 150+80x\\25x\leq 150\\ x\leq 6

You don’t need to flip the inequality when you divide because you only flip the inequality when you’re dividing or multiplying by a negative number, and 25 is positive.

There are no mistakes that I know of in tests 2 and 4. I think they just got retired because while they’re not bad, they’re also not real tests, and College Board eventually released enough real ones that they didn’t feel like they needed to have all of the original batch of practice tests hanging around anymore.

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