Happy New Year! I’ve fallen out of the habit of posting updates here when I make changes, but like everyone else I’m keen to turn over some new leaves around this time of year, and a few recent developments are worth memorializing. Thanks for reading, and as always, happy prepping.

– Mike

One book to rule them all

I published the 5th edition of the Math Guide almost a year ago(!), in February 2022. In some ways, it was a minor update: much of the chapter-by-chapter content remains unchanged from the 4th edition because in my estimation, I had the content nailed down pretty well already. In another way, though, it was a big update: I added 200 additional practice questions, ranked by difficulty as determined by how well people did on them when they were used as Daily PWN questions.

Anyway, for a long time I left the 4th edition up for sale too, and I also continued to sell the supplemental Extra SAT Math Practice Volume 1 book, which had 125 Daily PWN questions sorted by difficulty. In 2023, I’ve finally taken those books out of print. You may still be able to snag used copies if you badly want them, but in my humble opinion the 5th edition (which contains all the content of both now-expired books PLUS A BUNCH MORE) is the way to go.

Daily PWN format change

Since its launch in (checks notes…omg) December 2016, The Daily PWN had been an email-based service. Sign up for the email list, get an email every (week)day with a practice question. What ended up happening was that a lot of people signed up and used the service for a few weeks and then stopped. Which is fine—it was supposed to work that way! But it ended up being a LOT of email list maintenance for me and it occurred to me (after I developed a Wordle habit) that people don’t need email reminders to do their daily puzzles, etc.

So starting in 2023, the questions are just being posted overnight every non-holiday weekday here on the website. There’s an RSS feed if you want to be reminded when a new post goes up, and you can even sign up for a service like Feedrabbit if you still want to receive email reminders. I’m just not going to be sending the email reminders myself anymore.

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