Hey Mike,
Could you please explain #22 calc from practice test 1,thanks!

Surely! First thing you gotta do is read the question carefully, as the easiest way to make a mistake here is to miss a detail. You’re asked about only the Agriculture/natural resources line of the table, and you want to look at only the 2008 and 2010 columns to compare.

Then you gotta read the table carefully, including the note at the bottom, which tells you that the numbers are in thousands of dollars.

So the numbers you want are 358,708 for 2008, and 488,106 for 2010. What was the average growth over the two years?

Well the total growth was 488,106 – 358,708 = 129,398. That’s the growth over TWO years, so to find the average we divide by two.

129,398/2 = 64,699

That rounds to 65,000. And because that represents thousands of dollars, we multiply by 1,000 and add the dollar sign to land on choice B.

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