Greetings! Because many people have asked, this post is to confirm that yes, I am in the process of updating the Math Guide for the Digital SAT. It’s taking me longer than I’d like given that it’s a fairly light lift, from a content perspective, but there’s a lot of formatting and other unpleasantries gumming up the works.

The Math Guide Online is pretty far along, and updates go live on the MGO as I make them. The print book (this will be the 6th edition of this thing, I can’t believe it) I hope to have available later this spring.

If you’re dead set on using a print book and you can’t wait for the new edition, the 5th edition is still a pretty good resource for you as long as you ignore a few outdated bits:

  • Ignore all references to Official Tests, including the Official Test breakdowns at the end of every chapter and the full breakdowns at the end of the book. These are the paper tests and you aren’t taking the paper test.
  • Ignore any distinction between “calculator” and “no calculator” questions/sections. This distinction no longer matters on the Digital SAT.
  • Ignore the first two subsections in the General Test Strategies chapter. It’s no longer true that the hardest questions are the least important, and the concept of target numbers is also now obsolete.
  • Ignore the chapter on Complex Numbers. Those aren’t appearing on the Digital SAT.

That’s all for now. Thanks for your continued interest and support. It’s wild to me that this little website that I started on a whim more than a decade ago is still going strong, and I will do my best to make sure the 6th edition of the Math Guide is worth the wait.

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