The equation above is true for all values of x; a and b are constants. What is the value of b ?



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We dont have time for all that giggley gok you got to get rid of the “oi” – vey of the FOIL. Because you dont have any x values on the right that means the a must= – 11 or else we would have an x component since making it -11 is the only way they can cancel out when the O(utside) and I(nside) get added . When you square 11 you get 121 for the L(ast) component. If you want a kosher meal — one like X^2 -b that L(ast) supper has got to be perfect! I would like to thank both testaments for helping me solve this.

Conjugation across the nation! All you have to do is recognize that the middle portion will cancel each other out as in working with imaginary numbers

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