The figure above shows the graph of y=a(x+b)(x+c), where a, b, and c are constants and |c|>|b|. Which of the following must be true?

  1. a>0
  2. c>b
  3. bc<0

Christine is taking a timed math test with 30 questions. She is allowed to spend 50 minutes on the test. She spends an average of 50 seconds per question on the first 8 questions. She spends an average of 134 seconds per question on the next 15 questions. If she wants to have 5 minutes left after she completes all 30 questions so that she can check her work, what must be her average time, in seconds, for the final 7 questions? Round your answer to the nearest second.


In triangle ABC, the measure of \angle B is 90° and \cos (\angle A)=\dfrac{5}{13} . If AB=60, what is the value of BC ?

4 In an office break room, there is a large bowl that contains exactly three flavors of candy: strawberry, banana, and orange. Earlier today, there were five strawberry candies for every four orange candies, and two strawberry candies for every three banana candies. Then George, a banana candy enthusiast, removed 22 banana candies from the bowl and absconded back to his desk. Now the ratio of strawberry candies to banana candies is five to two. How many candies were in the bowl before George took the banana candies?

5 A cylindrical drinking glass with an inner diameter of 3 cm and a height of 22 cm is 61% full of water. To the nearest cubic centimeter, what is the volume of water in the glass?


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