funny-pictures-two-can-play-the-blame-game-ya-knowI’ve resisted making a page for my reading content until I had more to put on it, but people are constantly asking me for an easier way to find the paltry sum of advice that I have posted, so here it is. Please know that I do plan to build this out, but passages aren’t as easy to write as triangle questions, and it does nobody any good to post practice passages that don’t imitate the real thing well. Excuses, excuses, right?

This is also probably an opportune time to mention the red words thing: Anytime you see italicized red words on this blog, those are vocabulary words I think it’ll behoove you to know. (Note: I’m working on bringing this functionality to the new site still.) Hover your mouse over them to see their primary definitions, and click through to see their full Wordnik page, which will show you all their definitions, examples of usage, etc. It’s probably not a bad idea, while you’re over at Wordnik, to create an account and start your own list of vocab words. You can easily add any of mine to your list with one click once you’re set up. Neat, huh?

Anyway, here’s what specific reading advice I do have scattered around the blog. I’ll add to this page as I post more. Enjoy!

Sentence Completions
Critical Reading