Here are my questions, all calculator related

I just bought your book and with it in tow, I am learning a lot of helpful, useful ways to do SAT math. Thank you.
Here are my questions, all calculator related:
1. Since I am new to using a calculator, would you recommend the TI83 plus for the SAT?
2. If not, which calculator do you recommend.
3. Is there a book, website, or other media source you would recommend to learn calculator skills with ease and accuracy?
4.Which calculator functions do you recommend mastering before taking the SAT?

Proving Grounds #9

Here’s another Proving Grounds installment! The aim of the following five-question quiz is to work your graphing calculator muscles, so my recommendation is that you try to solve them by graphing even if your first inclination would be to solve them another way. My solutions for this drill will be entirely calculator-based; spend enough time...