Midweek Challenge – Treadmill

I’ve been going to the gym lately which is torture and I hate it. I am sore everywhere. I don’t understand why anyone finds it pleasurable to go there, but I do understand not wanting the body of a 70 year old when I’m 35, so I force myself. Anyway, while I was wheezing and (more…)

Weekend Challenge – Comic-Con

Source I’ve got a bunch of friends at San Diego Comic-Con right now, so I figured I’d use that for the theme for this weekend’s challenge. Of course, I made most of these numbers up, but I didn’t completely pull them out of thin air. 58% of the attendees at Comic-Con this year are male. (more…)

Weekend Challenge – Dead zones

I’m heading out this morning to go camping for the weekend (Woohoo! Bug bites!) and I won’t have any way to access the Internet reliably, so if you enter this contest please be patient. I probably won’t be able to declare a winner or post a solution until Monday evening. I’m told the place we’ll (more…)

Midweek Challenge – PIRATE SHIP

Robin Hill Park (Jon Forster) / CC BY-SA 2.0 What an annoying weekend I had. It’s all my own poor planning, but the Math Guide went temporarily out of stock this weekend. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal by tomorrow, which means I can get right back to giving books away! This weekend challenge (more…)

Weekend Challenge – Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day, this weekend challenge is inspired by my dad’s hobby business. He sells wooden flags, like the one above, on Etsy. Basically, he finds discarded pallets (this is a pallet), chops ’em up into pieces of the size he needs, and mounts them. As usual, these challenge questions are not really (more…)

Weekend Challenge – Hula hoops

Have you seen this movie? I liked it. Nobody’s answered the last challenge question yet, but whatever, here’s another one. And I’ll tell you what: First person who gets this one right gets a free Math Guide. Norville has four different colored hula hoops around his waist, each with a diameter of 3 feet. He (more…)

Weekend Challenge – My masterpiece

You guys. Crazy story. I was in a coffee shop messing around with Geometer’s Sketchpad, just slapping together some perpendicular line segments because that’s how I roll, and this guy who could see my screen thought I was an artist or something. It was kinda weird, but he wanted to buy my “art.” Naturally, I (more…)

Midweek Challenge – The wheels on the bus

I have never seen a school bus like this. Source. I’m going to try to ease myself back into posting math questions fairly regularly on here. No prizes for now, just the satisfaction of knowing you were the first person in the world besides me to figure this particular question out. This probably wouldn’t appear (more…)

Weekend Challenge – Swamped

The SAT isn’t the only nerdy thing I like. I’m absolutely swamped with work at school. Just completely swamped. Which is why I’m sitting here trying to come up with a good weekend challenge, of course. I like procrastination almost as much as I like frozen cheese ravioli. And I like frozen ravioli a lot. (more…)

Weekend Challenge: from Los Angeles with love

I’m in Los Angeles this weekend visiting friends. It’s sunny here, and even though it’s actually not that all that warm, the palm trees make it feel that way. I know that many of you, however, are not on vacation, and that actually some of you are taking the December SAT tomorrow. If that’s you, (more…)

Weekend Challenge – Black Friday

Source: Nature’s Graffiti. Do you guys do the Black Friday thing? One time, about 7 years ago, I got up at 3 in the morning and met some friends to wait outside Best Buy. It was complete pandemonium, and I was not fast or ruthless enough to get the TV I wanted. Then, I got (more…)

Weekend Challenge – End of the Road

Image found at this…awesome site. This will be the last Weekend Challenge question that has access to the Math Guide Beta Program as its prize. I’m going to be closing the Beta to new users soon, as the book nears completion. If, by the way, you’re interested in the day-to-day progress I’m making on the (more…)

Weekend Challenge – Veterans Day edition

I’ve been having some minor technical issues with the blog. I think it has something to do with the code I wrote to make vocabulary words turn red when the page loads interacting badly with the code for DISQUS, which is the commenting system. But since I’m not a computer programmer, I have no idea (more…)

Weekend Challenge – November SAT edition

First of all, if you’re taking the November test, good luck. If you’re prepared well, you have nothing to fear. Get in there and beast it. Of course, many people aren’t taking the November SAT, and they deserve some love, too. If you’re not taking the test tomorrow, here’s one tough question to noodle on while (more…)