Introducing the 5th edition of the Math Guide

I’m very proud to announce that the 5th edition of the world-renowned PWN the SAT Math Guide is now available at Amazon. This book keeps all the best parts of the 4th edition (which also remains available, for now) and provides some sweet updates. Most notably, the 5th edition contains 200+ new questions, most of (more…)

Minor updates to the Math Guide

A few weeks ago, I made some minor adjustments to the Math Guide to incorporate the additional official material released by the College Board: tests 5 and 6 (download them here). If you purchase new copies of the Math Guide from the PWN store (or anywhere else) now, your book will have breakdowns of those (more…)

Math Guide, 3rd edition

This is just a quick post to let you know that finally, at long last, the 3rd edition of the Math Guide is available now at It’s pretty cool—it contains two all new chapters, some new drill questions, and a bunch of other small updates that I think are cool but that no one else is likely to (more…)

Math Guide 3rd edition: I need beta readers

So I’m putting the finishing touches on the 3rd edition of my Math Guide. I’ve made a few minor changes and tweaks (a sentence added here, a sentence deleted there) and some more major changes (two brand new chapters). All told, the 3rd edition will be about 25 pages longer than the 2nd edition. I (more…)

Help me choose classrooms on

One of the things that makes me puff up with pride when I think about everything PWN the SAT has become is that I’m able to donate 10% of the royalties I receive from book salesto charity. My favorite charity, where I send most of that money, is If you aren’t familiar, is a (more…)

Essay Guide

PWN the SAT: Essay Guide is available now in two formats: Paperback (list price $12.99) Kindle (list price $7.99) Note that you don’t need an actual Kindle device to read the Kindle version—there are Kindle apps for iOS and Android devices, and Kindle books can also be read right on your web browser. About the (more…)

Some updates, and a challenge question

Phew! It’s only been like three weeks since I last posted but in Internet time that’s forever. Sorry about that. I’ve got about two weeks left in my Master’s program, and I’ve been completely inundated by papers and presentations. My thesis is basically eating me alive. I seriously don’t know how I’m going to get (more…)

Essay Guide

My Essay Guide is now available as a Kindle book. It’s about 100 pages long, and contains a bunch of the essay advice I’ve posted to this site over the years, plus a bunch of other stuff that I’d never really written down before I decided to write this book. It’s aimed at helping you (more…)

Essay body paragraphs

Note: this is an excerpt from the PWN the SAT Essay Guide, available now in paperback and Kindle. Mini-thesis The first sentence of any body paragraph should be what I call a mini-thesis. This sentence refers back to your main thesis, puts it in context of the evidence you plan to cite in the paragraph. (more…)

One school to PWN them all

The second edition of the Math Guide is now, at long last, available. To commemorate its release, I’ve got a pretty cool idea for a contest: We’re going to have a race to see whose high school PWNs the hardest. Here’s the deal The first high school that’s able to rally 25 students to fill (more…)

Coming soon: Math Guide 2nd edition

It’s been over a year since I published the first edition of the PWN the SAT Math Guide, and I’ve received a boatload of really helpful feedback from you guys since then. Recently I decided to give the book a tune-up based on what y’all have said, and now the 2nd edition is just about (more…)