Math Guide 3rd editionThis is just a quick post to let you know that finally, at long last, the 3rd edition of the Math Guide is available now at It’s pretty cool—it contains two all new chapters, some new drill questions, and a bunch of other small updates that I think are cool but that no one else is likely to even notice. (I changed some fonts!)

For more information on the 3rd edition, click here.

Oh, one more important thing! Those of you that own previous editions of the book are entitled to view all the updates in this new edition online for free—just click here! (You need to be registered as a Math Guide Owner and logged in to view that page. If you own a Math Guide but aren’t registered, forward your receipt or some other proof of ownership, like a pic of the book with your name written on it, to and I’ll send you a code to get you all set up.)

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I was reading the ‘Plug In’ part of the book and I was totally understanding it (I even did the ‘try it yourself’ questions). Then I turned to the four practice problems and I couldn’t figure out how to properly plug in. I’m stuck. Could you please help me?

Thank you. Sorry this isn’t on the Q&A section, I can’t access it on my phone.

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