I’m very proud to announce that the 5th edition of the world-renowned PWN the SAT Math Guide is now available at Amazon. This book keeps all the best parts of the 4th edition (which also remains available, for now) and provides some sweet updates.

Most notably, the 5th edition contains 200+ new questions, most of which exist in a new section aptly named Extra Practice. These are questions from the Daily PWN, sorted by difficulty (according to correct and incorrect responses submitted online) and adapted for print.

It also includes a few highly requested content updates (e.g., box plots) and even some concepts trimmed out because College Board didn’t end up testing them—the Complex Numbers chapter got shorter.

And lastly, of course, the 5th edition also contains Official Test Breakdowns for all the available official College Board/Khan Academy practice tests (the 4th edition only had the first 6 in print, the rest you had to get online).

I finished working on this update at almost the exact same time College Board announced that they’ll be transitioning to online testing. Awesome timing, right? But for folks in the US, anyway, paper tests are still the main format through Spring 2024. Further, even for those testing digitally, the test content isn’t changing! So while I will of course be working on an updated guide for the digital future, the 5th edition is the book for today.

I’m real proud of it, and I hope it serves you well.

Note: Of course, the Math Guide Online is also up to date with all the changes to the 5th edition, and will always remain synced with the latest updates.

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