So I’m putting the finishing touches on the 3rd edition of my Math Guide. I’ve made a few minor changes and tweaks (a sentence added here, a sentence deleted there) and some more major changes (two brand new chapters). All told, the 3rd edition will be about 25 pages longer than the 2nd edition. I think you guys are going to like it.

However, previous book releases have humbled me. When your book is close to 400 pages long, it’s tough to catch every little typo! That’s where you come in. I’m making a very limited number of digital copies available now, only through this page, for $15. If you purchase a copy and spot a typo, I’ll refund your $15 and you’ll get to keep the book. It’s a win-win—I get the benefit of crowd-sourced editing services, and you get awesome prep for free.

[Sorry! The beta is now closed! You can purchase the digital version of the 3rd edition now, or wait for an announcement (soon!) about the print version.]

Before you click to buy, here’s what you need to know:

  • You will need to be able to read Google Play books to participate. You can read Google Play books on your computer or tablet. (Technically, you can read them on your smart phone, too, but I would strongly discourage you from participating in this beta program if you’re planning to read the book on your phone.)
  • You must provide your Gmail address (or other Google account email address) when you sign up.
  • To buy, click the Buy Now button above, which will take you to PayPal. Once you buy, please allow me a few hours (no more than 12) to add you to the beta program. If you buy during business hours, I’ll probably add you almost immediately.
  • To claim your refund, just email the typo (with page number, please) to It doesn’t need to be a huge error—it can be as small as an x that’s not italicized. Anything you spot that’s actually wrong will get you your refund.
  • Yes, $15 is more than I sell the digital Math Guide for. If you’d rather get it for the usual price of $8.88, you can preorder it here and you’ll get it on April 15. I anticipate making the paperback available sometime around that date as well, but I’m not 100% sure about that yet. I’ll keep you posted.
  • If the beta sells out, then it sells out.
  • As I did when I released the 2nd edition, I will be putting together a document of updates that I will make available to owners of the 2nd edition. This is to prevent that but I just bought the old edition feeling.

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When will the Third Edition Book be coming out (and what’s the price)? I will immediately start self prepping when it is June. Will the 3rd edition be out by then? Also which method would you prefer: Studying a bit of M,CR, and W everyday or just focusing on Math one day, Critical Reading another day? Thanks! (:

okay thanks! do you think the book will be available by May 30 at B&N at the discounted price?

I am very very excited for this book! I really hope it helps me bring up my math score. I am ready to work this summer! (:


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