Question writing contest

This question was submitted to me the last time I did a question writing contest. It’s pretty good, right? Here’s something I believe to be true: if you can write a convincing SAT math question, right down to realistic wrong answer choices, you’re close to mastering the concepts in the question. That’s because question writing forces (more…)

One school to PWN them all

The second edition of the Math Guide is now, at long last, available. To commemorate its release, I’ve got a pretty cool idea for a contest: We’re going to have a race to see whose high school PWNs the hardest. Here’s the deal The first high school that’s able to rally 25 students to fill (more…)

Upcoming Math Guide giveaways (and a giveaway RIGHT NOW)

Just a quick FYI: I’m planning to do a bunch of Math Guide giveaways over the next few weeks. Some will be your standard math challenge questions. Others will be more…creative. Many of them will involve Facebook. There won’t be one every day, but they will be fairly frequent. They will all go live at 8pm eastern (more…)