Just a quick FYI: I’m planning to do a bunch of Math Guide giveaways over the next few weeks. Some will be your standard math challenge questions. Others will be more…creative. Many of them will involve Facebook. There won’t be one every day, but they will be fairly frequent. They will all go live at 8pm eastern time. They will all be subject to these contest rules. And they will all be fun. For me.

Here’s the first contest:
  1. Write a Haiku about the SAT.
  2. Post it directly to the PWNtheSAT wall (or timeline, whatever it’s called now).
  3. Whoever writes my favorite by midnight on Tuesday wins a Math Guide. I am the sole judge.

Good luck!

UPDATE: You guys sent some pretty good (but a lot of gloomy) stuff my way! My favorite was a bit more cheery, written by Radhika on Facebook:

If I win the guide,
I will jump with joy and then
PWN the SAT.

Didn’t win? Don’t worry. More contests are on the way!

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