A few weeks ago, I made some minor adjustments to the Math Guide to incorporate the additional official material released by the College Board: tests 5 and 6 (download them here). If you purchase new copies of the Math Guide from the PWN store (or anywhere else) now, your book will have breakdowns of those tests at the back. (If you own a copy that doesn’t have those breakdowns, you can download them in the Math Guide Owners Area—get registered here.)

I also reformatted the official question lists at the end of each chapter—some of them were getting long and it was getting confusing to have multiple page numbers for each question. My new philosophy is that you know whether you have the tests in a book or printed out from your computer, and you know how to find #27 in section 4 of test 3 without me telling you which page it’s on. New official question listings look like this:


All the same information as the old tables in a more compact package.

One result of this is that books printed after these changes went live have slightly different paginations because some of the old end-of-chapter tables took up more than one page. I don’t anticipate this being a real problem for anyone, but if you’d like to download the new table of contents, that’s available for download in the Math Guide Owners Area, too.

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