So…I guess it’s about time I let you know that I’ve been working on a book. It’s going to be called the PWN the SAT Math Guide, and I’m hoping that you’ll think it’s really good.

I’m going to be running a small experiment with early versions of the book, which I’m calling a “Beta” because this is the Internet and that’s what we call crazy experiments here. Basically, 200 people will be allowed to see early versions of the manuscript as I polish it. I’m hoping to get some valuable feedback from these folks, so that when it’s finally time to send this book to the printers, it’ll be the best it can possibly be.

I’m asking for $5 for access to the Beta, which I will refund to you if you spot a typo, grammar error, or math error. Clever, no? All the details and ordering information are here.

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