I had an interesting conversation with a colleague last night about the importance of having a process. The gist of his argument was this: it’s all well and good to understand what a run-on sentence is (for example), but there are lots of kids who know, objectively, what one is, and still miss run-on questions all the time. Top scorers don’t let any of those slip by because they have a process, and they stick to it.

I know I’ve spelled out processes for my students verbally a thousand times, but last night it occurred to me that I’d never tried to put one down on paper. After sitting down this morning and trying to create a flowchart for Error ID questions, I think I know why. Still, maybe this spaghetti mess is helpful?

I’m thinking of trying to do these for other question types, too. If I do, I’ll also try to tidy this one up a bit more, too. Thoughts?

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