I already emailed participants in the Beta about this, but I figured I’d make one last post about my book on the main site before it moves into the final development stages. It’s pretty much written, to the point where I can say that, give or take 10 pages, it’ll be about 350 pages long. Those pages will contain everything useful I’ve written about math on this blog (and a bunch of stuff I haven’t posted), along with short drills at the end of every chapter to drive concepts home, and 4 longer drills at the end of the book. They will contain (but don’t just yet) handwritten solutions to all of these problems, and a few handy Blue Book reference tools.

I’m really grateful to everyone who has participated in the Beta program. These brave pioneers pointed out countless spelling errors, missing words, unclear explanations, and bad formatting, and the book will be much better when it’s released as a result of their efforts. If you’re a Beta tester, thank you. Seriously.

If you’ve been meaning to get into the Beta and just never pulled the trigger, it’s basically now or never. I’m going to be closing the Beta to new members by the end of November, because the book will be pretty much done, and it’ll be time to start selling it for real. I’m hoping that copies will be available for purchase on Amazon by the end of December.

All future updates about the book will be made on my new Google+ page. Feel free to add me there, or just check in once in a while. I won’t be posting about the book again here until physical copies are actually available for sale.

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