Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland. It’s pretty. Source.

The whole reason I started this site is that I believe good test prep should be available to everyone who wants it, regardless of geography or income. Yeah, I sell a book. And yeah, it’s not the cheapest test prep book out there. Because I think it’s really good, and because all the burritos I eat aren’t free. But I remain committed to the idea that good test prep should be accessible.

To that end, here’s what I propose: If you want to use my book to prepare for the SAT, but you can’t afford it, or your parents won’t let you use their credit card to buy it, or whatever, then have a librarian from your school or town send me an email ( and I’ll donate a copy to your library. He or she will need to provide me with the information I’ll obviously need to make this happen, like school or town name, address, etc.  I’ll donate one library book for every one physical book (or eBook) that sells in the months of May, June, and July.

Happy prepping!

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