Hello Mike, I want to know about the new SAT of 2016. I am in high school and will be giving the SAT in 2016. Is there any thing(except without calculator section) or topic of math section that is new and can I start practicing for the new SAT now? And is new “writing” section like improving paragraph questions. I want to go for a good university or an ivy, do you recommend giving the essay section?


Yes, there’s a lot that’s new with the new SAT math—some of it is just different flavors (more algebra, less geometry) and some of it is totally new content (basic trigonometry, complex numbers).

College Board recently released 4 practice tests. You can download them here. You can also take them online at Khan Academy, but since you’ll take the real thing on paper, you might as well practice as you’ll play.

Impossible to say for sure about the Essay section yet, but I’m betting that the most selective schools will expect you to do it. If you’ve got Ivy aspirations, you should plan for that.

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