I am part of the class of 2017. I will have an opportunity to give both the new SAT as well as the current SAT. This prospect is really confusing me, how should I go about managing both of these? Should I give both or should I concentrate on one? If one, then which one?

If you’re motivated to start prepping now, give the current SAT a shot (i.e. take a practice test as soon as possible and see whether you’re in striking distance of your goals). If you’re not ready yet, then wait for the new test (or consider the ACT as an alternative).

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Ok I forgot to mention this, I have already started light prepping some time back. If I attempt the current SAT around 2 times before March 2016. How many times would I be able to give the new one without it looking a bit odd. Also, will all my preparations for the current SAT go waste for the new SAT even though they are different?

Sounds like you’re already pretty committed to the current test. Try not to worry about what might happen if you need to take the new one; you still have lots of time to nail the current one.

If you end up taking the new one, I’m sure you won’t be alone. You’ll have to do some more prep for things (like complex numbers) that aren’t on the current test, and some of the prep you’ve done (like much of your geometry) will become less important, but for the most part the prep you do now will end up being helpful on the new test, too.

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