I’ve been preparing for the SAT for some time now but I have not really practiced the SAT essay. A deadly mistake I guess 😛 What should be my practice routine if I’m giving my SAT in October?

If you’re like many students I meet, then you just skip the essay when you do a practice test. Stop doing that. You need to get used to writing roughly 2 pages in 25 minutes and having your output be somewhat coherent and mostly free of grammar and syntax errors. Almost everyone gets better at that simply by doing it a few times.

If you want to get really good at essay writing, well, then there’s a book I recommend. 🙂

PWN the SAT Essay Guide Front Cover

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Ok. I get it. I need to stop skipping the essay section. 😜 But how can I find out what score my essay will get? It’s not possible to improve without knowing my mistakes right?

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