Hi Mike, My question is about speed in the Math section. I do well in math in school, but I am unable to finish the math sections in time in the practice tests. I get only one or two wrong of those I attempt, but I only finish about 80% of the questions, so I end up with a 550 or 580. I am working through your Math Guide, so my question is, will that be enough practice to improve my speed, or do you have other suggestions to improve my math speed? Thanks!

There are two main things that affect speed: content knowledge (my book will help with that), and enough practice on official tests that you can internalize the timing required (the Blue Book will help with that). There’s also plain old confidence, which hopefully comes as a result of those first two: some folks can’t stand the thought of making occasional mistakes so they spend way too much time checking every answer. Other folks, of course, have too much confidence, never check their work, and make tons of silly mistakes. In this regard, you have to come to a balance that works for you, and the only way you come to that balance is—you guessed it—lots of practice. 🙂

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