What would you recommend to a student that consistently hits 700+ on Math yet rarely gets 800 due to a silly mistake or a random gap in the knowledge (about the content of the question itself/ the approach towards it)? Additionally, is your math book geared for everyone or just students who need to relearn all of the math content (as opposed to already high scoring mathematical students who usually miss 0-3 questions)?

For “silly mistakes,” read this. They’re often not silly mistakes.

For content gaps, well, that’s exactly what my book is for (or, at least, one common use of it). Figure out where your gaps are, then read those chapters and do those drills. Then take another practice test and see if you can identify any new gaps.

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I just tend to avoid using practice questions/tests that aren’t directly made by College Board so I am ambivalent about purchasing your math book…

Far be it from me to give you the hard sell on my book, but the philosophy behind it is to discuss techniques and content, give you a few practice problems written by me, and then refer you to all the Blue Book questions that are relevant to the preceding discussion. So, to some extent, we agree: I also think it’s important to do a lot of practice on CB-written material.

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