If x is less than or equal to 0 in the three equations above, what is the ordering of A, B and C

a) A<B<C

b) B<A<C

c) B<C<A

d) C<A<B

e) C<B<A

This is either a bad question or you transcribed it wrong, because if x = 0 or x = –1, you get different answers than if x = –2 or less.  So let’s assume this question actually says x is less than –1, and then let’s PLUG INNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

Say x = –2.




There: c < b < a

You can also graph to solve this one, and graphing will show you precisely why the question as you submitted it doesn’t work. See how the top-to-bottom order of the graphs changes when –1 ≤ x ≤ 0?

graph of 3 functions

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Wouldn’t this statement be false even if a single number acts as an anomaly ie When the question specifies that “x is less than or equal to 0”, how can we ignore the case when putting 0 in the statement gives the order as b less than c less than a

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