Mike I seem to be having an issue. I am actively going for an 800 and am scoring high 600’s very low 700’s right now. My biggest issue is misreading, poor arithmetic, and at times, a lack of motivation. I seem to give up on certain solutions only to return afterwards and figure it out like it’s nothing. Is this a sign of burn out? I am taking 2-3 practice tests for math a day, and I feel worn out sometimes. My other disturbing trend is getting a ton of easy’s wrong…I mean got #1 wrong once….

Sounds to me like you’re fatigued. Take a few days off, and when you come back, don’t take more than 1 test every 3 days. At the rate you’re burning tests, you’re going to run out. You’re also not giving yourself time to learn the lessons the tests can teach you.

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