How many full practice tests do you recommend one should take before the real thing? And what is your take on taking one or two sections a day? I usually get 1 hour of free time everyday instead of getting 4 hour chunks. How do you suggest I mould my prep into this time? Or should I try devoting more time everyday?

I think somewhere between 4 and 6 is the right amount, but there’s a lot of variability there. What’s most important is that you take enough to be acclimated to the length of the test. Sometimes, people who are fully capable of high scores but who have never taken a full test all in one sitting go in there and just wither as the hours tick by. Don’t let endurance be the thing that keeps you from your best score.

If you generally have 1 hour a day, spend it doing a timed section and then reviewing the hell out of that section.

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