((Isabel Allende, the author of The House of the Spirits, currently resides in California, but she was raised in Chile, being born in Peru first))

A) Born in Peru and rasied in Chile, Isabel Allende, the author of The House of the Spirits, now resides in California

B) Although now in California, Isabel Allende was born in Peru and raised in Chile, she is the author of the house of the spirits
WHY A is the answer and B is wrong

Choice A begins with a modifier, which is correctly followed by the thing being modified (Isabel Allende). Right after Isabel Allende comes another modifier to tell you more about her—that she’s the author of that book. Finally, you actually have the verb of the sentence: that she lives in California.

Simplified sentence: Isabel Allende now resides in California.

Choice B makes a run-on, but even if it didn’t it’s not constructed in such a way that the reader can easily follow its logic.

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