Hello Mike!
I’m kinda stuck on #17, pg 273 on the Patterns section. The question is the first term in the sequence above is 3, and every term after the first is -3 times the preceding term. How many terms in the sequence are less than 1000? The answer is more than 9. But then if you do multiply the preceding numbers by -3 you get -81, 243,-729 (these 3+before 3)=6. You get 2187 if you multiply -3 by -729 so it doesn’t count right?
Thank you so much for reading!

Every negative term (of which there are an infinite amount) is less than 1000. 🙂 So the next term after 2187 will be less than 1000, and then 2 terms after that will be less than 1000, etc.

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