Hello Mike!
In 2015 January, my friend got an SAT score of 1750. From then on, he has been seeing huge improvements on his practice tests through painstaking practice (he’s now getting 2250-2300). I was wondering if college board would delete or cancel his scores in anyway due to his huge improvement? He’s going to take his second SAT on November and his worried that he’d be accused of cheating or have his score canceled.

Thank you so much for reading!

This is a common question. It is true that, in rare cases, someone gets investigated after a huge improvement. It’s a huge pain for the person who has to endure it, but I have never heard of someone who’s 100% legit not eventually reaching satisfactory resolution. Worst case scenario: your friend gets investigated, and then eventually prevails by demonstrating (perhaps via another test) that the score is real.

Here’s the important thing to remember: the only way to be sure you (sorry—your friend) won’t be inconvenienced in this way is not to improve. And something tells me that’s not really a viable option. So go in there, do your best, and then deal with the investigation if you have to, which you probably won’t.

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