The adaptation of a novel for the screen often requires major adjustments in plot (because the one art form differs from the other in having other character-revelation techniques.)
A) (as it is)
B) because the two art forms reveal character in different ways
C) Because of the differing ways the two may use for revealing a character.
D)inasmuch as there are different ways in the two art forms for character revelation.
E) insofar as the two differ in how to reveal character.
Please help 🙂

B is the answer. I usually don’t like to just say wrong choices are “wordy,” but in this case I think many of the wrong choices can be dismissed for that reason—the practiced ear should be able to toss A, C, D, and E as syntactically problematic. If you want to share which one you picked in the comments, maybe I can be more helpful as to why it was wrong.

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