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This was a question from SAT question of the day
From its modest beginnings a.(AS) a series of brief vignettes to b. (ITS ESTABLISHMENT AS) the longest-running prime-time animated series on television, The Simpsons c. (TRANSFORMED) the way d. (BOTH THE) audiences and television programmers view the animated sitcom.
THe answer was D due to a paralleism error. But then aren’t the words being compared/being parallel both nouns?
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Yeah, that’s a parallelism error. Audiences, like television programmers, is meant to be a general term here. Since there’s no specific audience (i.e. the audience that watched the Simpsons last week) we don’t need a definite article in front of it.

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But the college board says that because the word “the” implies specific audiences rather than audiences in general, D is wrong. Is that correct?

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