Test 1 Section 4 #34

Lots of people miss this one because they don’t read carefully enough. The question asks for the total number of slots the station can sell on Tuesday AND Wednesday—two days! So we need to figure out how many 30-minute slots there are in a day, and then multiply by two.

There are 2 slots in an hour, and 24 hours in a day, so there are 48 slots in a day. Multiply that by 2 to cover Tuesday and Wednesday and you get the answer: 96. Below is how you’d set it up if you were being very careful with your units, which, incidentally, I strongly recommend.

\dfrac{2\text{ half-hour slots}}{1\text{ hour}}\times\dfrac{24\text{ hours}}{1\text{ day}}\times 2\text{ days}=96\text{ half-hour slots}

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