Hi. Please, can you explain test 6,section 3,number 14. I get confused by “at least twice as many containers of detergents as many softeners.” I was thinking it was 2d< or = s. Please explain why it is not so. Thanks

“At least” is the same as “greater than or equal to.” Looks like you had that part. The rest of the syntax, though, might have been the issue. When one says “at least twice as many boys as girls,” that means the first thing listed, the number of boys, is the bigger number.

To figure out where to put the 2 that comes from the “twice,” plug in: If there are 3 girls, and at least twice as many boys, then there are at least 6 boys. Therefore, put the 2 on the girls: b\geq 2g.

To return to the question you’re asking, “at least twice as many containers of detergent as containers of fabric softener” means you write d\geq 2s.

That right there tells you the answer must be A or C. From there, you just need to identify that choice A is the one that gets the weights of the containers right.

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