Can you help with 33 in test 7 section 4?

Yep! This one is all about setting up the equations—translating words into math. The question tells us that the score in the game is calculated by subtracting the number of incorrect answers from twice the number of correct answers. Let’s say x is the number of correct answers and y is the number of incorrect answers. “Subtracting the number of incorrect answers” is easy enough: you’re going to have a ” – y” in your score equation. “Twice the number of correct answers” is pretty straightforward, too: if the number of correct answers is x, then twice that is 2x. So we can say that:

Score = 2xy

We’re not done though. We need to write another equation before we can solve. The question tells us the total number of questions answered; we need to use that information. The total number of questions answered must be the number of questions answered correctly plus the number answered incorrectly, right?

Questions = xy

Now we can plug in he values we know and solve the system of equations.

50 = 2xy
40 = xy

The question asks for the number the player answered correctly, so we need to solve for x. Conveniently, we can solve for x by eliminating y—all we need to do is add the equations together!

    50 = 2x – y
+ (40 = xy)
    90 = 3x

Of course, if 90 = 3x, then 30 = x. 30 is the answer.

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