What the Beta for the New SAT Math Guide looks like

I’ve received a few questions in my email asking about the Beta I’m running (full info here). Specifically, people want to know what they get if they sign up. I figured that the best way to answer that question is just to post one of the chapters up here in public. If you join the Beta, you (more…)

New SAT Math: Experimental design

The new SAT will occasionally ask you questions about experimental design—whether the results of an study conducted by some students, for example, can be generalized to an entire population, or whether some experimental intervention has a causal impact. These questions will not be rocket science, and will not require any math at all, even though they’re in (more…)

Solving systems of linear equations

The new SAT places a heavy emphasis on the “Heart of Algebra,” which is a bizarre and tortured euphemism for, mostly, working with linear equations. One of the kinds of questions you know you’re going to see, probably more than once, on your SAT is solving systems of linear equations. For example: Which ordered pair satisfies (more…)

More fun with graphs!

As I said in my last post, I’m busy working on the new edition of the Math Guide for the new SAT. Here’s another quick pair of graph questions for you to try out. You don’t need to be a site member to take this little quiz, but I’d encourage it. Site membership is free, (more…)

Prepping for the new SAT? Try this.

I’m in full-on writing mode for the next edition of the Math Guide, which will of course be aimed at the new SAT that debuts March 2016 (and the new PSAT, which debuts in October of this year). The new test is pretty different, so it’ll be a major overhaul—some chapters in the current guide (more…)

A quickie: Translating words into math

This kind of thing is going to be featured much more heavily on the new SAT than it is on the current one, so I figured I’d put a quick quiz together. Struggling with any of these? Discuss them in the comments! For each of the items below, choose the mathematical statement that is equivalent to (more…)

Our first real glimpse at the new PSAT

The College Board has released, at long last, its first full practice test since announcing sweeping changes to the PSAT and SAT last year. You may now finally, if you’re one of a small group of merry misfits that actually enjoy this kind of thing, sit down for 3 hours and take a prototype test (more…)

Hard questions on the new SAT might look something like this

Even though very little information has been released to date—not even a full practice test yet!—I’m hard at work trying to get a head start on the next iteration of the Math Guide for the new SAT (coming about a year from now—March 2016). When I write questions, I have a very hard time keeping (more…)

I guess I’d better start writing some practice questions for the new SAT, huh?

The five questions in this short quiz would all, I’m fairly sure, fit into the “Heart of Algebra” category that will be so heavily emphasized on the new SAT. Obviously, without even a full practice test released yet, it’s tough to know for sure if I’ve got the style right, but based on what I’ve (more…)

New sample questions: Math part 9

College Board released a bunch of sample questions this week for the new PSAT and SAT, which will make their debuts in October 2015 and March 2016, respectively. Over the next few days, I’ll be making posts working through each question, a few at a time, and commenting on them when I feel like I have (more…)