A restaurant owner has determined that in her business selling hamburgers and french fries, she sells two thirds as many orders of french fries in a day as she does hamburgers. She charges $8 per hamburger and $5 per order of fries. According to this model, how many hamburgers would the restaurant owner have sold on a day when she collected $1,734 in revenue selling hamburgers and french fries?




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I back solved but simply multiplied144 x 8 = 1152 and saw that 1152/ 1734 = 66% but that aint right because it has to go by number of each order and does not account properly for the lower price for fries. I would
have needed to subtract the
1152- 1734 = 582, then
582 /5= 116.4
then see that 116/144 not =2/3

that was put in for lazy folks like Moi!
the proper way was to:

153x 8= 1224
1224-1734= 510
510/5 =102
102/153 = .66666 or 2/3

or simply figure out the algebra

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