A fish tank at a pet store contains red and blue fish. The ratio of red fish to blue fish is 4 to 7. After a customer purchases 5 blue fish from the tank, the ratio of red fish to blue fish becomes 3 to 4. How many red fish are in the tank?



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ah heck I first I just multipled 4/7 times 5 then subtracted 5 from the denom it did not work so I realizes that the ratio was getting bigger from 4/7 to 3/4 so I decided to multiped by 3 insterad and when I saw 21 and subtract 5 I knew that 12/16 was three quraters. Then I had to pay attention to what they were after confirming the 12. It took 4 miutes. I don’t think it took any less time doing the math.

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