Last week, the share price of a certain stock increased by $1.33, or approximately 1.76 percent, from Monday morning when the stock market opened to Friday evening when the stock market closed. What was the share price of the stock on Friday evening after the market closed?



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A . subtract 1.33 from the first choice = 74.24 x 1.76= 130.486 No we need bigger!(I dont worry about decimal places the answer will just jump out of the numbers)

B. next 74.79 x 1.76 = 131.63 bigger still pretty sure its the next one because the last one D too big at 78.28.

C. 76.90 -1.33 =75.57x 1.76= 133.003 bingo ! $1.33

Much faster because on average each question only gets 2 minutes time to spend on them

I did it this way to find the original price:

“Is over of equals percent over 100.”

Is = % 1.33 = 1.76
— — —— ——
Of 100 X 100

1.33 “is” 1.76 “percent” “of” x, the original price. Cross multiplying and solving for x gives you the original price, then add $1.33 to get the Friday price.

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