In an office break room, there is a large bowl that contains exactly three flavors of candy: strawberry, banana, and orange. Earlier today, there were five strawberry candies for every four orange candies, and two strawberry candies for every three banana candies. Then George, a banana candy enthusiast, removed 22 banana candies from the bowl and absconded back to his desk. Now the ratio of strawberry candies to banana candies is five to two. How many candies were in the bowl before George took the banana candies?



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I knew banana had to be greater than 22 so I plugged in 30 and found the ratio was now 20/8 or 5/2 when the 22 was subtracted from 30. The key was finding the right number of bananas and working backward. the orange ratio was simply 4/5 of 20 or 16. Sum a luma ding dong and you get 66

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