UPDATE: The second edition of my Math Guide is now available for purchase at Amazon.com! Read up on the new edition here. The first edition is now out of print, although some residual copies might be available for a while. The rest of this page serves as an archive and will no longer be updated.

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  • Google Play (as an eBook for less than $10)
  • Internationally (check if it’s available in your country)
  • Maybe your favorite local bookstore, which can order it for you even if it doesn’t regularly stock it. Bring in these ISBN numbers and people who work there should know what to do.
    ISBN-13: 978-1467968102
    ISBN-10: 1467968102
  • You might even be able to get your library to buy a copy, which would mean you could read (but obviously not write in) the book for free! Give your librarian those same ISBN numbers.
Quick Facts
  • List price: $10π, but prices vary by retailer.
  • Pages: 350.
  • Practice questions: ≈230 (≈150 in the chapters, 78 in the diagnostic drills).
  • The Blue Book Breakdown shows you which technique to use for every math question in the Blue Book‘s practice tests.
  • Each drill question has a handwritten explanation.
  • Wanna see for yourself? Take a stroll through the book at Google Books!
  • For another way the book can be used, read this  post about an alternative study plan utilizing this guide.

There are a bunch of great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and I’m honored to link you to the following reviews of the Math Guide on some other great SAT sites:

About the book

Just so we’re clear: a decent amount of the material in the book is adapted from material I’ve posted on this blog. So if you’ve faithfully read every single post on here, you’ll have deja vu a few times as you work through the book. That said, I’ve taken great pains to make the book worth your while. There are a bunch of questions in the book that aren’t on this site, and the book is obviously formatted and organized in a way that I think optimizes your study time. And every single drill question is worked out by hand, which took me flippin’ forever, but I think was totally worth the time. 🙂

Here’s what it says on the back cover:

The PWN the SAT Math Guide was created to help ambitious, highly motivated kids maximize their SAT math scores. It contains healthy doses of test-taking strategies, mistake-minimizing techniques, and actual, honest-to-goodness math.

Inside you’ll find short, specific drills for all major SAT concepts, and longer diagnostic drills designed to identify weak areas. Solutions for each drill question are worked out by hand.

You’ll also find question-by-question breakdowns of the 10 tests in The Official SAT Study Guide (AKA The Blue Book), both by test (so you can brush up on appropriate techniques for the questions you miss) and by concept (so you can see all the myriad ways the SAT might test your knowledge of say, right triangles).

If you read this book from beginning to end, with a pencil in hand and a calculator and Blue Book by your side, then you will be able to approach the SAT with confidence, knowing that very few questions will surprise you, and even fewer will be able to withstand your withering onslaught.

Stand tall, intrepid student. Your destiny awaits.

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