Honestly, this makes me really nervous because I have no idea how it’s is going to work and also because I hate looking at a moving image of my face while I talk—my mouth moves weirdly—but I’m gonna dive in.

So mark your calendars, homies. Monday, June 11 at 8 PM EST: SAT prep Google+ hangout numero uno. For this first one, I want to talk about plugging in on math questions. We’ll talk briefly about the technique, and work through a few questions from my book together. You won’t need the book to participate, but it’d make me feel good to see a few people hanging out with Math Guides in hand. (I have this fantasy of one day getting on the subway and seeing some kid working through my book as he heads downtown. I’ll be like, Hey, is that book any good? And he’ll be like, Who are you, weirdo? It’s OK I guess. And then I’ll be all, AWWWWW YEAAAAAHHHHHH.)

If you want to participate, make sure you get a Google+ account if you don’t already have one, and add PWN the SAT to your circles on by Sunday, so I can invite you when things get rolling.

Important notes
  • There are a limited number of seats. Google+ limits Hangouts to ten people at a time, and one of them is me. That means there can only be nine of you. I cannot reserve seats, so if you get locked out, you get locked out.
  • This is for high school students only. Due to the above, you’d be occupying a seat that a student could use. Sorry.
  • Please test out the hangout feature with your friends ahead of time so we can avoid tech issues. I like you guys a ton, but I don’t want to be your tech support, and if this thing devolves into a bunch of I can’t get the sound to work! then it’s probably not worth doing. So please make sure you can get all that working before Monday at 8.
  • There’s no guarantee that this happens more than once. If it goes well, I’m excited about doing it again. I just don’t want to commit myself to doing something crappy all summer. I’ll do my best to make it good. You do the same? Cool.

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