14408678325_p563GI’ve been getting a lot of questions in my email about the different membership levels available when you sign up as a member of this site, so I figured a short post might help clear some things up.

Changing levels

If you already own one or both of my books, or if you buy them, just forward me your receipt or some other proof of your purchase and I will email you a discount code to access the appropriate membership level for free. For example, if you buy the Essay Guide for your Kindle, just forward me the receipt you receive from Amazon, and I will send you back a discount code for Essay Guide Owners status.

If you’re currently signed up for a Free Membership and then get the books, you don’t have to lose your quiz stats. You can easily change levels without creating a new account. Simply click here (or click “Account” on the top right of the screen).

If you live in a place where you can’t purchase my books, and you would like to just purchase access to these features, you may do so. Please note, however, that you are not purchasing a book if you purchase an increased access level. For example, if you purchase Math Guide Owners access, you get access to those bonus features, not a book. I do not currently sell the books on this site; I only link to other sellers like Amazon and Google Play.


For your reference, here’s the current rundown of what the different membership privileges actually are. I’ll keep adding to this list as the site matures. (Note: you can read and comment on blog posts without becoming a member of this site at all.)

Free membership


Essay Guide Owner

  • Everything included in Free membership, plus
  • Submit essays to be scored in the Essay Guide Owners Area
  • Read and comment on other peoples’ submitted essays


Math Guide Owner


 Full Subscriber

  • All of the above


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