First of all, I just want to wish those of you who are taking the May SAT tomorrow the very best of luck. Here’s hoping you PWN it into oblivion. If you’re looking for a few day-before-the-test things to read, here are some links:

qa searchSecond, I want to remind those of you who are regular users of the Q&A to search before you ask! On the day before the SAT I always get tons of questions, many of which have been answered before. Because the day before the SAT is also a pretty busy day for me in my regular tutoring role, it’s hard for me to get to them all—I’m  out for much of the day. So…yeah. If you’re submitting Q&A questions today, search before you ask. You might get your answer instantly instead of having to wait until late tonight!

hashl-be837a8d379ff168c9c2a9da17a69408Finally, I want to invite y’all to try this new thing I’m trying called #Learn (pronounced “hash learn”). I think it’s cool—it’s kinda like Twitter for SAT questions. I (and other tutors) can post questions, and you can attempt them, repost them, add your own solutions, etc. It’s in very limited Beta right now, so I only have a few invites. If you’re one of the first 25 people to click here and sign up, you’ll get into the Beta. I’m interested in what you think—whether you think it’s a cool tool I should make time to use every day, etc.

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