Proving Grounds #8

It’s been a while since we did one of these! The following five-question quiz (all about a histogram, by special request) will be available to everyone for one week, and then it will only be available to registered Math Guide Owners. (If you don’t have a Math Guide, now is a pretty good time to...

A basic quadratic formula program for your calculator

This is not really SAT specific or even particularly SAT useful, but I made the video above to help you create a basic quadratic formula program for your TI graphing calculator if that’s a thing you’d like to do. If you’ve programmed things into your calculator before and don’t feel like watching a whole video, you (more…)

Proving Grounds #7

I’m back after a hiatus with another Proving Grounds Quiz. Usual Proving Grounds rules apply: this quiz is open to everyone for a week, but then it’s only open to Math Guide owners. Good luck! *Data source: City of Bridgeport Office of Policy and Management. Accessed 2015-06-14 at

Rate the difficulty of the June SAT

With so few tests of the new format having been administered, it’s still a bit of an open issue whether the released practice materials do a good job simulating the test’s difficulty and content or not. Therefore, if you took the June SAT today, I’d love it if you’d fill out this quick survey. (Curious how the (more…)

Proving Grounds #6

I’m back with another Proving Grounds quiz. These quizzes are available to everyone for one week, and then they’re only available to Math Guide owners. Want to join the swelling ranks of the PWN Army of Math Guide owners? You can buy the guide directly from me through the PWN store, or grab it on...

March SAT scores and the new concordance tables

Big day today in SAT land—March SAT scores are finally out for most test-takers, and the College Board has released a score conversion app that allows users to compare old SAT scores to new SAT scores. I messed around with the converter a bit tonight. Interestingly, new SAT scores seem to be higher than old (more…)

Official Test Math Explanations

As I did for the last iteration of the SAT, I’ve been collecting the explanations I write on my Q&A sites for Official Test questions in a Google Spreadsheet for easy reference. The new test is still new, so I haven’t been asked MOST of the questions yet, but I figure it’s time to get (more…)

Proving Grounds #5

Last week was a no-calculator installment of the Proving Grounds—this week it’s all grid-ins! Remember, if you want to access previous Proving Grounds quizzes, or if you want to be able to access this and future ones after they’ve been up for a week, all you have to do is be a Math Guide owner. You...

Proving Grounds #3

Time for another Proving Grounds installment, folks. Remember, these quizzes are available for one week for everybody, and then they’re for Math Guide owners only. “How can I get to be a Math Guide owner?” you ask?! Well, either you buy one right from me, or you forward me your receipt from some place like...

Proving Grounds #2

Here’s the second installment of the Proving Grounds quizzes, which are available for everyone to try for one week before they become exclusive to Math Guide owners. A little parabola-heavy this week, but then again, who doesn’t love parabolas? Good luck! Mechanical Calculators image By Ezrdr (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons...

March SAT difficulty

I never did a post for this survey at the time—just promoted it on social media. However, for posterity, here’s what we learned about the March SAT—the first of the new format—when it happened.