Logic-Based Inference Questions

I’ve touched upon inference questions in an earlier post (remember: ask yourself WHY something was written, not just WHAT is written). But logic-based inference questions get their own special article because they are a more specialized and advanced subcategory of inference questions. These questions truly test if you know WHY something was written. They don’t (more…)

Blue Book Breakdown – Test 11 Math

Special nerd note: #20 in Section 4 is pretty much my favorite Guesstimate question of all time. The College Board’s latest The Official SAT Study Guide with DVD is exactly the same as the 2nd edition, except that it comes with a DVD containing a bit of extra content. I can see the utility in the SAT timer it includes, (more…)

Blue Book Breakdown – Test 3 Math

This breakdown is meant to help you analyze and categorize your mistakes after you’ve taken Practice Test 3 in the Blue Book. The whole idea is that the best thing you can do to improve your score is to understand your weaknesses, and then drill the hell out of them to make them strengths. Click (more…)

Blue Book Breakdown: Test 2 Math

This is straight out of the PWN the SAT Math Guide, except I’ve deleted the page number references and inserted links to certain techniques. View the breakdown of Blue Book Test 1 here. § p # Techniques and concepts Diff. 2 452 1 Patterns 1 2 452 2 Ratios  1 2 453 3 Read the (more…)

Blue Book Breakdown: Test 1 Math

I broke down every Blue Book test when I wrote the Math Guide. In the book there are page numbers instead of links, obviously. The idea here is that you can take a test, and use the results from that test to really identify some weaknesses. Then you drill those weaknesses before taking another test. (more…)

An alternative Math Guide study plan

I designed the Math Guide to be read (and worked through) cover-to-cover alongside the Blue Book, but it’s never been my philosophy that test prep is a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. You don’t have to work through the book linearly to have a successful experience with it. Jump all over the place, if that suits you. (more…)