Free vocab prep via email

I recently heard from a student who programmed a neat little application to help himself study vocabulary, and then decided to share it with everybody else for free. My kinda guy. I signed up to try it out, and after receiving a few words a day in my email over the last few mornings, I (more…)

How to use flashcards

There are many ways to learn words, which is good, because there are many different learning styles. Some people like vocab books like the fantastic Direct Hits series. Some people just make it a habit to write down and learn every word they encounter that they don’t know. Still others, like myself, try to grow (more…)

Will Latin help you on the SAT?

Note: I’m cross-posting this great question I got at because it’s easier to archive it here and I thought this was worth being able to refer back to. I hope you don’t mind. Original Question: Would it be helpful to know Latin for the SATs? Answer: This is a fantastic question! A lot of (more…)

A strong vocabulary is necessary, but not sufficient, for a high CR score.

Credit: the very talented Mike R. Baker I’ve already covered the importance of a good vocabulary, and I hope that you’ve been clicking the red vocabulary links on this site as you meander through. They’re meant to teach you a few good words, and to show you that strong vocabulary doesn’t have to be shoehorned (more…)

Some interactive SAT vocabulary tools

Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that you found this post because your penurious self is Googling for ways to learn SAT vocabulary without spending any money. Today is your lucky day, though, friend-o. Although the multitudinous search results for things like “SAT vocab words” can be daunting to say the least, and a lot of (more…)

The importance of vocabulary

When it comes to the reading comprehension section, there are very few quick fixes. The one exception — if you consider learning words a “quick fix” like I do — is a quick vocabulary augmentation. Start looking up every single word you come across that you don’t know. Do so assiduously, with sedulous care. Become (more…)